4x4 Gears, Lockers, and Power Adders

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4x4 Gears, Lockers & Performance Mods

4x4 gears, lockers, and power adders, such as, superchargers will improve the performance of your vehicle.

Bigger tires, bigger obstacles, or just plain ol' gotta have it! Improved performance can make the difference on or off the trail.

Remember, we are a professional design and installation company. Our experts will help you navigate all aspects of your build.


Superchargers provide that extra low end boost necessary without having to consider engine replacement...or the cost associated with that kind of transplant. Consider a Magnuson for your Toyota!

Tuners & Programmers

Tuners...the easiest and quickest way to gain some HP. These also help with speedo calibrations and other support.

Gears & Lockers

Usually the first to consider when adding bigger tires. Regearing to a lower gear ratios provide more power, give you better crawl ratios, and the opportunity to install lockers for better traction on the trail. Revolution Gear & Axle and Yukon solves most of our solutions.

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Sound and performance! What's better than that? With so many options and custom applications, we can help you decide what exhaust system is best for you and your vehicle. Consider Banks or Magnaflow on your vehicle.


Cold air intakes help your engine breath better and perform better.

LS Swaps

We specialize in LS 5.3l engine swaps to give you the power, efficiency, and reliability of the most versatile and commonly swapped power plant. Experience 325-600hp options that won't break the bank!

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4x4 gears

"4x4 gears are essential to improved performance when modifying your 4x4. Installing the pinion shaft and bearings, setting the right tolerances, and checking for gear tooth contact pattern requires skill and experience to avoid any differential explosions".

A guide to Regearing


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