Off Road Wheels and Tires

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Off Road Wheels and Tires
Off Road Wheels and Tires

Off Road Wheels and Tires

Off road wheels and tires are the finishing touch to your build. It can be very personal and sets your vehicle apart.

Wheel selection can get technical to find the right fit - offset, wheel width, clearance, etc. Also considering the type of off roading you are going to do...running on lower tire pressure and more extreme obstacles would be better with beadlocks.

Remember, we are a professional design and installation company. Our expert will help you navigate all aspects of your build.

Wheel/Rim Size

While larger off road wheels look great they may not be whats best for your driving style. Typically off road rigs use a larger sidewall and smaller wheels. For instance 35x12.5 with a 17" wheel


What kind of stance do you want your vehicle to have? This can effect driving characteristics as well. While a wider stance looks great it can cause wondering and poor steering feel.

Tire Size

How big do you want to go with your off road wheels and tires? factory? Or larger for better performance off road? It's important to note that that too big can cause a decrease in breaking performance and steering.

Wheel Strength

Strength is key especially with large diesel trucks. Some wheels aren't cut out for heavy duty trucks.

Tire ratings should also be considered.


Color is always important and theres plenty of options such as polished aluminum, machined, black, browns, gloss and satin finishes with even more options with accent colors.


Serious off road enthusiast need to drop tire pressure. Beadlocks will offer better protection and the ability to drop that tire pressure lower then regular wheels.

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