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Our Brand as a 4x4 Shop!

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We got your back. Let our team of service advisors help you build your dream vehicle at our 4x4 shop in Johnstown or Boulder.

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4x4 Shop Process

Our Off-Road & Outfitting Process



  • Discuss your goals
  • Qualify the platform
  • Understand your budget



  • Pre-mod inspection
  • Plan build stages with you
  • Deposit & parts ordered



  • Perform the approved work
  • Send you progress updates
  • Review & educate @ delivery

What are the 5 questions you should ask a 4x4 shop before you have them modify your vehicle?

Are your technicians trained to lift and modify vehicles?

Why ask this?

  • Many well known chain shops pay minimum wage, don't offer benefits, and provide minimal structured training.
  • If you don't want vibrations or failures after your lift is installed, you will want a shop that specializes and trains specifically for lifting and modifying vehicles.
  • Do you want your vehicle to drive straight down the road? Then you want a technician to  understand what components and issues impact that and how to customize an alignment for modified vehicles.

John's 4x4 response:

Absolutely, our technicians get extensive and customized training on major chassis components such as steering, suspension, and drivetrain.

  • All of our apprentices receive 12 months of training (registered with Dept of Labor) when joining John's 4x4 and they are expected to complete 40 hours of training annually thereafter.   We also encourage ASE certifications and vendor training where applicable.
  • It is important to understand our technicians are NOT "parts replacers" like the big box stores.  Aftermarket parts are installed much differently and require skill to install components that may not come from same manufacturer but are necessary to achieve the custom solution our customers are looking for.
  • Our major processes and procedures are documented to enable our technicians to be efficient and offer a consistent experience for our customers.
  • None of our technicians are paid minimum wage.  We invest in their future and the health of their families (health insurance, 401k, etc).  They are part of our family...and we take care of family.
What manufacturers of lifts do you use and why?

Why ask this?

  • Not all parts are made equal!  And some fit better on some vehicles than others
  • Not all manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for defects and failure
  • Inferior products can negatively impact your ride, safety, and fun

John's 4x4 response:

  • Depends on make and model.  For example, if your vehicle is a Jeep, we primarily use Metalcloak and Dobinsons.  Or for large truck and other applications, we recommend Carli Suspension. These are manufacturers that backs their products, they are designed right, and offer other components that may be needed when lifting a vehicle beyond 1.5" - heavy duty track bars, sway bar disconnects, control arms, etc.
  • We also install Rock Krawler, Teraflex, and other high-end lifts.  We just want to make sure we have tested them, they have great technical service, and they warranty their products.  Likewise, for Toyota, we primarily use Dobinson and Icon. There are others, but we are extremely picky.  We are also open to other quality lifts and components.
  • We do not install inferior products that cost less.  No exceptions.  We understand folks have a budget and price may be important to them.  If that is the case, there are other shops that offer these less expensive options.  They may also offer cheaper labor.
  • Just remember, you get what you pay for.
Do you warranty your work?

Why ask this?

  • Lifts can be expensive...make sure your investment is protected!
  • Any reputable shop that knows what they are doing and wants the customer to be happy for the long-term, will back their work.
  • If someone installed something incorrectly or a product defect occurs, you want to make sure the 4x4 shop will make it right.

John's 4x4 response:

  • Absolutely!  Parts and Labor.  No questions asked.
  • Our lifts and offroad outfitting products, as well as, our work are warrantied for 3 years / 36k miles.
  • Our repairs are warrantied for 3 years / 36k miles and backed by NAPA nationwide.
  • See our promise & warranty page.
  • One of our shared values..."Do the right thing...always!"
Will you help me achieve my dream and build a plan that I can execute at my pace and budget?

Why ask this?

  • Because you deserve a 4x4 shop that will be consultative, understand what you want to do with the vehicle, and educate you on what components and modifications make sense to do first or together and those that can be done later.

John's 4x4 response:

  • We ask questions first.  We want to understand how you want to use it, what you want it to look like, and what your budget is.
  • We build estimates by the phases that make sense for you and your goals.
  • We maximize your spend every time.  Meaning, if we are re-gearing your differentials, then we also recommend replacing seals/outer bearings at the same time.  Less chance for future failure and you will save labor time.
  • We are here to help you build a tradition with your family...going to places that enable you to spend time with your loved ones is our ultimate goal.
How long have you been in business?

Why ask this?

  • Will they be around in the future for potential issues you have? Will they be around to help you with future modifications?
  • Longevity, customer reviews, and financial stability is a sign of a great shop.  Strong leadership, knowledgeable and friendly service advisors, and skilled technicians build great 4x4 shops that last.

John's 4x4 response:

  • We have been the trusted experts since 1978.
  • We value quality and service experience.
  • Last year, we invested $206k on equipment, technology, and our employees.
  • But don't listen to us...read our reviews and talk to our customers.


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